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Founded in 1999 by Warren Wayne Merrell

“One weekend back in 1998 I had visited my brother in Dallas who was currently working in the construction industry. Since I was constructing my own home he had wanted to show me this new insulation that was being applied in Dallas. This was the first time I had ever seen spray foam insulation and I had to have it! Being unable to find an applicator that would travel to spray my home; I researched trainings and equipment to learn how to do it myself. I founded Thermo Dynamic Insulation in Lubbock and we have grown, branched, and going strong ever since.”

– Warren Merrell | Owner

Hard work, quality workmanship, and strong customer service will solidify success!

Thermo Dynamic Insulation was forged from these traditional values and to this day these values continue to drive us forward. Customer Satisfaction has always been our utmost goal as well as our best advertising.

Since being founded in 1999 Thermo Dynamic Insulation has accumulated a tremendous amount of experience. This experience has intensified our values and has defined us as experts in the industry. We do nothing but insulation, this specialization has fine-tuned our products, equipment, techniques, and knowledge. Throughout the years we have developed many different systems and tools to improve standard practices. Many of these improvements have become the new industry standards. Thermo Dynamic Insulation continues its drive for improvement, staying hungry-for-more and inventive keeps us excited and energized.

Thermo Dynamic Insulation has established locations throughout Texas, we currently have locations in Lubbock, Midland, Abilene, Amarillo, Waco, and Corpus Christi. Networking into these other markets has helped educate us on different building methods and scenarios. This widespread outreach has allowed us to grow and emerge as an industry forerunner. When a large demanding project arises we have the resources, experience, and manpower to provide a huge amount of production at an unparalleled timespan without sacrificing quality.

We are very excited about the future of Thermo Dynamic Insulation. Spray foam insulation continues to thrive and we are going to be on the front line leading the charge!